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Uttar Pradesh is the second largest vegetable producer in the country. It produced more than 21.47 million tonnes of vegetables in fiscal year 2014-15. Exporting fruit vegetables is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Uttar Pradesh. The export of fruit and vegetables requires sufficient knowledge of the foreign market. A do-it-yourselfer business can earn more than $250,000 a year with a single employee and costs only $5,000. It`s a good deal to start with! Northern Seattle Handyman realizes between 50 and 60% gross margin and charges $100 per hour. Home-based businesses tend to be the most convenient and easiest to manage. That said, not all good business ideas lend themselves to home offices, so make sure your business can be run from home – jobs with on-site needs and high personal demands may not be suitable. Incorporate into your business plan and budget all the office supplies and tools that make your online business ideas viable, such as a separate business computer, a proper desk, high-speed internet, filing cabinets, and a corporate website. If you`re stuck with great business ideas or want to find new ones, there are several ways to think even further. Write down all your ideas. Hold a brainstorming board, whether tactile or digital, and paste your ideas into it whenever they come to mind. Then go back to looking at it with new eyes.

Set your own hours, choose your projects, and build a portfolio and business you`re proud of. From web design to blog graphics and more, many companies are looking for experienced graphic designers for all types of projects. With the growth of technology, online business owners are making some of the most profitable businesses by offering courses through educational platforms or independently through their own websites. Therefore, you can start with traditional academics and offer additional online lessons in math, science, or history, or even standardized test preparation. These home business ideas offer you a few additional home-based or online business options. Ultimately, the best plan of attack for these new business ideas is to use a combination of your own Shopify website and third-party platforms. Uttar Pradesh has become a hub for the semiconductor industry, with several key players having offices and R&D centres in Noida. You can start a battery treatment business there with little capital investment. Every business needs capital to grow, and startups are certainly no exception. But as a new startup owner, you might struggle to qualify for traditional business loans right away. The Give & Grow Shopify app makes it easy to partner with nonprofits and integrate your mission into your business. You can set it up to donate a certain amount or percentage of sales, or ask your customers to add a donation to the checkout.

Although millennials are delaying parenthood longer than previous generations, they eventually want to have children — in fact, 1.2 million millennials became mothers for the first time in 2016. As a result, the need for child-focused businesses is increasing, starting with post-pregnancy and neonatal services. An LLC is a more complex business structure than a sole proprietorship and may include individuals, corporations, and other LLCs as members. In addition, LLCs are not subject to a separate tax and offer liability protection and tax benefits to the entrepreneur. LLCs are formed from state to state. Therefore, there is no doubt that mobile electronic repair services are popular and could easily be one of the most profitable small businesses. With this service, you could be the solution for any broken iPhone screen, WiFi card and laptop battery. Plus, you`ll be even more successful if you`re willing to visit your customer. Apple stores and other electronics retailers have recently come under fire for long customer wait times, which could work in carriers` favor. With a low barrier to entry, cleaning the house can be a great way to do what you love – soon. Consider promoting homes in your neighborhood and get more bang for your buck by getting a few small businesses as customers.

They usually earn a higher wage for a similar amount of work. While I don`t recommend it, you can run your entire business from your phone using modern technology.