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The marketing manager of Foodco, a large grocery store, wants to determine if the placement of the ad in store affects the sale of a particular food. It asks employees to rotate the display location for this article each week, and then counts weekly sales at each location over a 24-week period (8 weeks per location). The following sales (in $) were made.$ Identify high-contact and low-contact transactions for the following departments: Assume that expected inflation increases by 3%, while returns on money and tangible assets increase by 3%. What happens to the monetary claim? What if expected inflation only increased by 2%? What would happen if returns on property, plant and equipment increased by 4%? b. At a significance level of 5%5-5%, what is the conclusion of the test? Store Front Middle of the store Side aisle 94785810961106780104711437869101162816823967800919956770924105787610919968021027begin{array}{|c|c|c|} hline text { Front of store } & text { Center of the store } & text { side aisle } hline 947 & 858 & 1096 hline 1106 & 780 & 1047 hline 1143 & 7 86 & 910hline 1162 & 816 & 823hline 967 & 800 & 919hline 956 & 770 & 924hline 1057 & 876 & 1091hline 996 & 802 & 1027hline end{array} front of the board Business Center 9471106114311629679561057996 of the store 858780786816800770876802 side aisle 1096104791082391992410911027 Although the children in Bandura`s study exhibited slightly less violent behavior if the model`s behavior had been p___________, their levels of violence increase again when they are later offered a ___ for violent behavior. $a. Provide competing assumptions to test for differences in average weekly sales between the three stores.