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In anticipation of their return, the little foxes played and frolicked silently in the cave. Key actions: spinning and spinning; Frolics; Fall. Have you ever seen two puppies playing, struggling, chasing and just having a ball together in the park? You could say they`re having fun or frolicking. When you`re having fun, you`re having fun. Flying a kite, playing Frisbee, hopping and picnicking could be examples of exuberance. If things are dark and serious or if you are in a bad mood, it is difficult to let off steam. It`s one of the happiest and most playful words in the dictionary. In the early years of his life as a frolick, he also liked to amaze Rome, and he succeeded on a few occasions. I remember that he was a little red and out of breath after a particularly intense stroll. In a real election year, this kind of exuberance abroad would be political suicide. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “frolic”.

The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. When I saw them frolicking around Cape Cod with their cousins, I sometimes assumed that they must be immune to such feelings. Like a swan`s chest, the white sail swelled under the streamers frolicking in the wind. And in the house, there were two happy, frolicking boys and a pretty little girl with her mother`s eyes. Frolic is a word rooted in pleasure. Its most common function today is as a verb meaning “to play joyfully and run around” as in “children frolicking in the waves”, but it joined the language in the 16th century. In the nineteenth century, it was used as an adjective that carries the meaning of its Dutch source vroolijk: “full of pleasure; Shakespeare`s puck used it this way in A Midsummer Night`s Dream and said, “And we fairies follow the darkness like a dream, we are now great.” The use of the verb soon followed, and in the early 17th century the word was also used as a noun, as in “an evening full of fun and exuberance”. They laugh and frolic in the grass while walking. During slippery antics, water may have appeared in a spray that the little boy sniffed high in his nostrils.

Dutch vroolijk, from Middle Dutch vrolijc, from vro happy; similar to the happy Old High German and, before returning home, he stood in a ray of stars while a dolphin frolicked at my feet. An exuberance is a light, fun, often silly activity. Letting off steam means having fun, having fun or running around for fun. Britannica English: Frolic translation for Arabic speakers Conditioning that gently rubs off on girls, like young little flowers being told to “lower your dress, they can see your underpants” while frolicking in the playground from the age of 3 – separated from her body because she is a child – is part of the game. On the plus side, defensive end Zach Harrison returned after missing New Orleans in Clemson`s backfield. We shared stories from ancient times when people gathered in large groups, without a single PPE, to listen to concerts, watch sports or frolic on the beach.